Frequently Asked Questions

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    How many orders a day/a week can I expect?
    Order volume varies drastically. In our busiest territories in the busiest times, our pros can average over 3 orders a day. However, many variables come into play including performance metrics, competition and seasonal aspects of the business.
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    How much can I earn?
    During the busy season members can average 10 or more jobs a week -- enough to take home at least $500. Pay is on a revenue share model (i.e. a portion to amazon, a portion to AssemblyPros and the rest to you). Add'l details available upon request.
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    How/how often will I get paid?
    Amazon operates on a 2-week cycle. Member earnings are made every 2 weeks after Amazon has issued their payment to us.. We use as our payment merchant which issues a direct deposit to your bank account once you're enrolled..
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    Will I get paid for gas or travel time?
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    What tools do I need?
    You are expected to carry a screw gun, various bits, a mallet and other wrenches needed for furniture & sporting equipment assembly.
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    Will I need a helper / can I bring a helper?
    Most jobs do not require a helper but if you feel the need to bring one, you can at your own discretion.
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    How are orders claimed?
    This platform is not claims based like our sister network Installation Pros network. Once your preferences are established, orders will be automatically assigned to you with no action required on your part to have them appear in your queue.
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    How much advance notice am I given?
    Typically, orders are assigned several days in advance of the scheduled appointment time. Assigned orders are expected to be fulfilled by the member at the day/time scheduled by the customer. We do offer means for technicians to alert us of any need for scheduling adjustments.